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Driscoll Young Solicitors was established in 2003 when Rod Young joined forces with Gareth Driscoll.  It quickly became apparent that there was a need for a criminal defence specialist in the South Wales area.  Criminal law has become more diverse than ever with never ending legislation creating a huge number of new offences.


By 2005 we had outgrown our original office and moved to our current premises at Stow Hill in the centre of Newport.  Driscoll Young has continued to grow by investing in people and equipment to meet the increasing demand for our services.  We are one of the first firms in the UK to pioneer digital working within the Criminal Justice system and no longer use paper based files.  This allows Driscoll Young to provide clients with documents and information in real time as and when it arrives.  A client of Driscoll Young will therefore always be highly informed.


We deal with all areas of criminal law and nothing is too insignificant.  A member of our team is available 24 hours a day.  We pride ourselves in efficiency and reliability, but most of all, results.  We have the best and most experienced criminal solicitors in South Wales.  If you are arrested or charged, accused or summonsed for any offence then we guarantee that you will find no better representation than Driscoll Young Solicitors.

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